Case of the Mondays

August 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Monday’s Fab 5K workout

1.75 mile run

I’m going to start recording my daily workouts as I prepare for the Asheville Citizen Times 5K.  This run kicked my bootay.  Boy, am I out of shape!  I wanted to stop after 1.5 miles, but told my self “only 400 meters left”, then it was “only 200 meters left”, and then there was much rejoicing when I was finished.  I’m very glad I didn’t crap out and quit.  It’s funny how much your mind can either make or break your workout.

Yesterday was pretty hectic (typical Monday).  Had some drama with the daycare center.  It was supposed to be my 3 month old’s first day.  We thought everything was a go, but they weren’t prepared for her.  There was definitely a communication breakdown.  The center told us earlier that everything was fine and just to bring her when we needed her to start.  (The oldest, aka “Little Miss” already attends).Well, we did that and it didn’t work out so well.  The husband spent half his day trying to get the necessary forms filled out by the pediatrician, and I had to leave work and go to the daycare center to sign some more forms and basically fork over a mortgage payment to pay for her spot. (Those with kids in daycare know exactly what I’m talking about!) Here’s hoping today is a better day.

Here’s someone who had a happy Monday…

Happier Times

The train wreck that is LiLo got her “get out of jail” card Monday.  However she did not pass go, and did not collect $200 (well, let’s be honest, she’ll probably collect way more than that with a tell-all interview) but headed straight for rehab.  Here’s hoping she can get her crap together.

How long do you give her before she’s back in the pokey?


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