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I came across this article, and have to admit that I am one of those women who is wearing the wrong sports bra.  I guess you could even say the wrong sports bras since I normally just put on two of these (yes, two).  I’ve gone up and down in size since having kids and breastfeeding.  I really need to get a better support system for “the girls” since I’ve started running again.  This artice provided great insight on what to/not to look for depending on your cup size.  To sum it up…

A Cup:  Go for a lightly padded shape to add some curves.  Don’t squash what ya got!  Avoid bras that are too big.  This can lead to chaffing (ouch).

B Cup:  Go for a snug, but no too tight fit.  Most B cuppers tend to think they need less support than they actually do. 

C Cup:  Go for adjusatble straps and closures.  This will ensure the best fit.  Also, you’ll want to steer clear low cut styles.  You don’t want to worry about spillage during your workout.

D Cup:  Go for a bra that supports each breast separately (i.e. encapsulation).  You also want wide straps that sit close on your shoulders to help distribute the weight of your breasts and minimize bouncing. 

Bottom line:  Try before you buy (if at all possible).  Run in place, jump around, etc, to see how the bra is going to perform.  Are you getting the support you need? And, if you have uniboob, it’s a no go!

I’m adding this, and this to my Christmas wish list.  {I’ve been good Santa, I promise.}

* Here are some exercises to also perk you up. *


Christmas Card Outtakes

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It’s been a looooooong time since my last post.  As a new blogger, let me just say that blogging is like a full-time job! Between my actual job, taking care of the kiddos, life, etc, it’s hard to find the time.  However, my goal is to start trying to make posting a regular habit.  I’ve taken a new position at work and I’ve signed up for a 10K (in January) and a 1/2 marathon (in April)—GULP!  So, it seems that I will have a lot to share. 

Anyways, we spent the majority of the afternoon working on our family Christmas card.  Usually we just end up buying some random cards and then forget to send them out.  { I found the ones from last year with all of our stored Christmas decorations–unopened}.  This year we decided to go the personalized route and order one from Tiny Prints.  {We chose the Peaceful Doe design}.

As anyone with kids knows, it was quite an ordeal to get a good picture of the “lil ladies”.  Corbett is four and like any four-year old, won’t sit still for more than 30 seconds.  Constance is only 8 months, so she can go from smiling to crying in a blink of the eye.  Even though it basically took all afternoon to get a shot, {plus some extensive work in Photoshop by my husband} it was all worth it in the end.

The finished product

I leave you with one of my favorite outtakes from our afternoon “photo shoot”.

Do you send christmas cards?  Are they personalized or store-bought?

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